Robert Plant album cover photo recreation

album cover

So, I was looking through my albums and I thought that I should try to recreate one. I always found the Robert Plant album cover picture to be very cool so that’s what I re-created. I think I captured the album cover well. Please keep in mind that when viewing the image below I was not trying to create an exact replica of the image, but my own interpretation.

(^this is the final image) It took a about 30 shots to get the right blur. I have no idea what they were throwing in the actual album cover, but what I did was throw a white sheet back and forth until I got something close to the blur on the album cover. Here are some of the photos that didn’t quite get the right blur:

The gear for the shoot really wasn’t much just a tripod, my Nikon D7100 w/Tameron 18-270 lens, a white sheet, and a tarp used to cover the ground (because the ground was wet). It rained right before the shoot which was great because on the album cover it looked wet and dark which was exactly what the day of the shoot looked like.

Below I have provided some behind the scenes photos which were all captured by Michael Fayard a few are blurry but it’s fine because he’s learning photography.

That pretty much sums up the photo shoot. I’m working on another album cover replication because this one went so well. Thank you for reading and check back for more updates. I’m starting a YouTube channel and a film will be released this month and more on the way. Stay tuned!


Dominic Fayard