Dominic Fayard

Not being satisfied

Recently, I haven’t been satisfied with the photographs I’ve posted. I always wanted my photos to resemble @andrewtkearns...However, should I really be striving to echo another photographer? Shouldn’t I be trying to create something that conveys my own creativity with photographs?  Would this not go the same as when one takes something that some … [Read More...] about Not being satisfied

Look at things in a different light

I recently released my first film. I actually started working on this film many months ago by filming clips of all kinds of things. Some scenes were staged but others not. When I was filming all of this footage I didn't have any software with which to edit. Low and behold craigslist had great Macbook that came with Final Cut Pro X! I was just … [Read More...] about Look at things in a different light

Robert Plant album cover photo recreation

So, I was looking through my albums and I thought that I should try to recreate one. I always found the Robert Plant album cover picture to be very cool so that's what I re-created. I think I captured the album cover well. Please keep in mind that when viewing the image below I was not trying to create an exact replica of the image, but my own … [Read More...] about Robert Plant album cover photo recreation